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The Limits of Patience … Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver

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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver


Maria and Arnold… 25 years of marriage… and 25 years of patience stretched to the limit.  I remember years ago when Arnold first admitted to having difficulties, arguments, and fights with Maria.  Their oft-extreme contrasts in life-style and modes of thought made for an intense relationship that would obviously suffer from bouts of Imin incongruity and instability.  This very complex relationship displayed an enormous contradiction of respect, love, and responsibility on one hand; in contrast to the constant scenes of contempt, irreconcilable choices, and instability on the other.  All throughout this marriage both partners will find it difficult not to admit that anger, competition, strong wills, and strong drives and impulses for independence of thought and action were not factors that constantly chafed at the formidable patience and sense of responsibility both partners shared throughout their marriage.  Weaker relationships would have had very little chance in a situation like this.  Strength of character is the key concept that allowed these two to endure for as long as they did.


From what I have observed over the years, I believe that if Arnold were honest he would have to admit that his relationship with Maria was an incredible learning experience.  Living with and loving Maria taught Arnold a great deal about responsibility, life, politics, parenting, and many other important lessons that he probably would have never learned without her presence in his life.  Imin synergistic learning was an important key in his relationship with Maria and helped keep him interested and attached to her for many years.  Arnold transformed into a very serious man and solid human being thanks in large part to his marriage to Maria.  However, a big problem for Arnold was that Maria was an incredibly strong woman, and her strength, defiance, and independence often destabilized Arnold, who would sometimes feel inwardly insecure by Maria’s ability to go her own way.  Arnold suffered many implicitly intransigent disappointments throughout his marriage and had to learn how to live with them and adapt to his ideals being put on shaky ground.  Arnold most likely also felt undermined by Maria, who would do certain things that Arnold felt were debilitating to his aims and will.  Even though this relationship would have periods of apparent calm, Imin conflict was a prominent part of Arnold’s marriage to Maria, and he found recurring in-fighting to be unavoidable.  Despite the presence of love and respect; competition, ego, goading, and arguing were embedded within the very fabric of this relationship and Arnold clearly felt it strongly at many stages of his marriage.


Maria was more emotionally charged and angered throughout her marriage to Arnold.  Emotionally this relationship was extremely challenging for her.  This will never change because it is determined by the powerful effects of emotional Imin incongruity.  She felt many passions (including physical ones) but she probably felt imbalances caused by Imin incrongruity to be too overwhelming to guarantee her long term happiness.  She suffered from the ups and downs of a relationship that could be rock-solid one moment, and completely disappointing, heartbreaking, and destabilizing the other.  Notice that any public highlights pertaining Maria were mostly about her career rather than open displays or comments of affection toward Arnold.  Allegations of Arnold’s misbehavior and indiscretions during the apex of his acting career had a devastating effect on her, and only her inner strength and sense of responsibility prevented her real feelings on the matter to come to light fully.  All of these factors are a clear indication of unhappiness despite her strong sense of responsibility toward her marriage and family.   Her inner strength and the wealth and strength integral to her marriage kept her from leaving Arnold sooner.  Also, she probably perceived her fights with Arnold to be more emotional, passionate, and tinged with poison than Arnold felt, however they both suffered from the constant irritation this type of conflict produced.  Her sex life with Arnold was more successful than her emotional life with him, even though things were not perfect even in this area.

UPDATE (MAY 18, 2011 04:00 am)

On May 17, 2011 Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that the revelation of his out-of-wedlock child was the trigger for his separation from Maria Shriver.  I still stand by everything mentioned in this post.  This relationship has been Imin afflicted for many years, and infidelity and indiscretions on Arnold’s part have always been a source of difficulty for Maria.  The out-of-wedlock child is just one more of many alleged indiscretions of Arnold, and fits within the mold of what was already mentioned in this post.  Keep in mind that this act of infidelity happened roughly a decade ago.  This post refers to long standing issues that frayed at and tested their patience for the last 25 years.  As we can all see, patience and tolerance do have  limits.

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Troubled Future… Prince William and Kate Middleton

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Prince William and Kate Middleton - Imin State of Marriage

Prince William and Kate Middleton


The first word that comes to mind when interpreting implicitly intransigent evidence pertaining to this relationship is passion. Their fun-seeking activities and public displays are consistent with that of a couple brought together by powerful attractions and passions. For those wondering if this relationship is real and not some product of ambition or self interest, the answer is that love is a strong component, yet not the main one. While the love element in this relationship is real, it is mostly fueled by passion, compulsive emotions, and strong desires. Their sex life is very active and it is paramount to the state of their relationship. This type of relationship has many advantages but usually also comes with considerable disadvantages, since most personal relationship decisions are made due to strong feelings without enough regard to more serious and critical elements of the relationship that can lead to problems in the future.


Both Kate and William are strongly aware of how quick and easy this friendship initially was. By what can be clearly seen thus far, these two individuals have incredible chemistries and have the ability to communicate and agree on many issues quite easily and naturally. This ease of friendship really made this relationship possible. They also have a legitimate ability to make each other feel happy and there is probably a sense of mutual generosity and magnanimity. Due to their public status this relationship is not conventional and will be subject to many and constant changes. Both individuals seem to embrace and have the resources to deal with such mass-level changes, activities, and associations. They should be able to enjoy the constant excitement their union will produce.


Unfortunately, this relationship suffers from many implicitly intransigent challenges and as a result this relationship will suffer many ups and downs. There is much evidence that points to a relationship of natural enmity. For what a number of witnesses have reported and the circumstances leading to their first breakup as a couple, there are a number of red flags that both Kate and William should heed very carefully, since the vast majority of relationships in history have failed due to Imin enmity. Unfortunately Kate and William are not “soulmates” even if they are both probably inclined to see each other in such light initially. Imin entrenchment is another difficult challenge that will lead to more issues akin to what they experienced leading up to their first breakup. The pattern of a couple experiencing a breakup before making up and later heading to marriage is not always a red flag, however in this specific case it is a significant sign of trouble. Imin is all about interpreting past failings and difficulties while accurately predicting the role they play in future challenges and outcomes such a separation and divorce.  William’s initial reluctance to commit to the extent of eventually provoking an emotional and angry breakup with Kate predicts a wholesale inability of these two to develop enough long-term patience and tolerance.  This relationship is too sensitive to tolerate excessive emotional long-term bruising as the whole world will see at some point in the future.  Their differing attitudes, actions, and expectations gives them the natural ability to anger and emotionally upset each other.  William will often perceive Kate as strong willed and he will at times feel foiled and shackled by Kate’s needs and demands. Incongruous imbalances will cause William to become angered, upset, and frustrated with Kate at times. Due to the vast resources afforded by this union, Kate most likely perceives this relationship differently. Everything will seem to work quite well, except for certain bouts with lifestyle imbalances and emotional upset caused by her relationship with William. As their natural enmity comes to the fore, quick rises to anger will become almost impossible to avoid. Surprises and disappointment are going to be equally difficult to avoid in the foreseeable future. Many couples have exhibited these patterns in the past and this couple will not be an exception to the adverse effects of afflicted Imin.  They also need to be wary of the effects third parties (such as the media) can have in their relationship.  Their past reactions to outsider provocations reveal implicitly intransigent factors that predict much difficulty for them.  I strongly recommend that they should come to expect more such provocations and challenges far into the future and they should steel themselves and prepare a course of action for dealing with them.  They should not by any means expect that they will simply go away permanently or that they will not affect their mental/emotional happiness or the state of their relationship.


The clearest conclusion is that Kate and William will have severe issues of Imin enmity, and the presence of entrenchment and incongruity will make this relationship even more difficult to deal with in the long term. Ultimately, the love and passion they both feel will not be able to balance the Imin problems they have, and a breakup is very likely a few months or years after their marriage if they can’t find quality solutions or counseling.

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Recipe of Enmity – Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

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The Divorce of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Their divorce was finalized at the end of January 2011.  It is interesting that sometimes when a couple ends the relationship there is often a knee-jerk reaction to accuse third parties for the split.  Well, this relationship was not going to last, regardless of the presence or lack of third parties or infidelity.  They cite the reasons for the divorce as “irreconcilable differences”, and I found myself wanting to delve deeper into the Imin reasons behind all of this … let’s take a closer look at what really happened here.

Eva and Tony suffered from an extreme case of Imin  Entrenchment, making it very difficult for them to compromise and please each other in the long term.  Extreme physical attractions started this relationship.  Compulsiveness is the key word for their initial union.  However, judging by Tony’s public statements it is easy to see that he is not exactly a natural relationships person.  He will likely continue to have issues in relationships and will need to learn to live with the rules of marriage.  Eva is allegedly very emotional, and such extreme emotionality and emotional violence was probably  a challenge to Tony.  It is not surprising that episodes of jealousy and control struggles found fertile ground in such a relationship.  Eva was never going to receive the dedicated love and affection that she wanted from Tony, and Tony probably realized (if he were honest) that he couldn’t provide these things to Eva.  The desires to turn each other into what they wanted in contrast to what they really were was going to be an exhausting and disappointing long term and futile struggle.  Over time, relationships such as this will see both partners willfully and purposely refuse to compromise and satisfy each other, creating chronic enmity.  Constant and intense frustration was the final straw that broke this relationship, regardless of any scapegoating attributed to infidelity.

Compulsive attractions such as this one cannot guarantee a good relationship.  Implicit Intransigence should be accounted for initially to uncover any potential issues before marriage is consummated.  Proper consideration of Imin would have allowed them to understand their issues so that extreme disappointment could have been averted when the inevitable fallout of this relationship materialized.

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Implicit Intransigence and the New Relationships Revolution

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Cupid and Earth

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