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Greetings.  Since my last posting a couple more of the strong predictions made here came through.  I held my peace on the seesaw breakup between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez until it was made more definitive and official.  Well it is all over now.  The same thing applies to the “afflicted affair” between Rihanna and Chris Brown.  I think that with all the contemptuous breakup displays these two former couples have exhibited recently we can safely say that the blog posts here on these relationships were not only bold and strong but also highly accurate!  It is best for all involved that both of these breakups remain as they are, because any attempts to reconcile to the point of actually reigniting these former relationships in a romantic way would very likely lead to annoying difficulties or failure.  Nothing wrong with friendship and reconciliation, but in these cases they should all keep a safe and friendly distance if they choose to go that route, because I don’t think they have what it takes to be in close relationships of that kind (at least not without specialized help).  There are other relationships written about in this blog that have in the near past showed  (or are current showing) signs of behavior as predicted by the posts.  But I’ll wait and see what happens in these cases.  As an initial teaser I’ll refer you back to the posting on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.  Remember the things I said about Angelina’s resistance to marriage, and Brad’s expectations not being commensurate to underlying realities?  Well, they have yet to marry, even though months have passed since the initial announcement!  Those of you that read the posting and paid attention already know why.  I hope you all are starting to see the power of Imin at work.

I am very busy these days.  This prevents me from posting here more often.  The publishing of my book on Imin continues to be delayed due to the fact that important research projects take a lot of time and resources to conduct.  However, progress is being made.  To those of you that have read the first edition of the book, you will find the second edition almost completely unrecognizable when compared to the first.  I wanted the book to be a powerful guide to relationships.  However, after further work it became clear that I will not be able to limit the scope of the book to only relationships.  The relationships guide is a layman’s self-help chapter on relationships, and the topic of relationships is covered by some (but not all) chapters.  There is something for everyone, whether an ever-curious scholar or just an average person looking for an easy to read self-help book on relationships.  No worries, it is still a book on relationships, but I simply had to delve deeper into this powerful topic of Imin to bring it all together.  You see, what you are witnessing is the growth of a potentially new branch of psychology.  A whole new world of possibility is opening up that has the power to change our understanding of human mind interactions in ways never afforded in the past.  Of course, I need the support of the public, readers, and key members of academia so that such an evolution (revolution?) can take place.  It is all tedious and slow-going, but crucial.  And I thank you for your readership, patience,  and support!

One of the more recent advances in the topic of Imin pertains to the role of the subconscious mind in human functioning as per the dictates of Imin, and how the scientific knowledge currently available on the topic of the subconscious can be applied to achieve a fuller understanding of Imin patterns that can be seen in couples and other relationship systems.  Fascinating topic!  Stay tuned.  I’ll finish the book in the next few months (hopefully I’ll be done by the fall).  I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress.  And I’ll continue to make postings on other relationships of public interest.  THANK YOU.

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