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An Afflicted Affair… Rihanna & Chris Brown

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Greetings to all.  It has been a while since I have posted here.  It has been a whirlwind last few months for me.  I am hoping that soon I’ll be able to make more frequent postings for you to feast your eyes on.  As I continue to work diligently on writing the book on Imin and its powerful influences on all of us, postponements, research, rewrites, distractions, and other problems and duties have taken their toll on the release date.  PLEASE BEAR WITH ME!  I need a few more months to put everything together the way I envision it.  Nothing else would do for me or the book’s readers.  In the mean time, I will continue to write about relationships of general interest.

I’ll also continue to make strong predictions.  For those of you that have been paying attention, you already know that this website has already made a number of accurate direct and subtle predictions on the fate of relationships and individuals.  The Kardashian divorce.  The intense troubles of Kate and William with the media.  The physical altercation between Justin Beiber and paparazzi, which should be no surprise to those that read my posting on his relationship with Selena Gomez, which has also suffered from instability and specific problems as specified in the posting.

I am not done (not even close).  And there are other predictions already posted.  You will find that over time (regardless of how long it takes) many of the predictions made here will come true.  Some will be very quick, some will be slower to transpire.  In the worst of cases, my biggest fears will come true if the parties involved do not make the right decisions.  The important thing to remember in order to extract maximum value in what you read, is that a breakup and when it happens is not the most important thing to look for.  The underlying problems that cannot be easily fixed due to the powers of Imin is what needs to be heeded.  I often find myself already knowing that many couples are having severe problems before there is any hint in the media that a breakup is looming.  Pay attention and know what is going on.  Then watch months and years from now how these relationships perform as predicted.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are the type of couple that is comparatively easy to analyze (unlike some couples previously written about), because there is surfeit information on their activities and acquaintances.  Some couples are private, other couples are more extroverted.  Rihanna and Chris possess an exuberance not matched by many couples in the world.  Not much that happens in their lives that is truly important is a secret.  I believe I was able to gather enough intel to know where these two are headed and the meaning of their intense relationship.  I chose to write about these two because their relationship contains some of the most devastating influences of Imin that one can deal with.

The first thing I find interesting about this relationship is that many people may believe that because Chris and Rihanna are back together, there must be some desire of redemption on Chris’s part due to the episode of domestic violence with Rihanna.  Yes, there is indeed a high degree of remorse, shame, and a desire to put it all behind him, and there is no better way to attempt to create a watershed effect than to simply rekindle his relationship with Rihanna and show the world how wrong it is about him.  However, it is important to realize that in reigniting this relationship, not every motive is selfish on the part of Chris.  Not everything is a desperate attempt to somehow make all the hatred and scorn he has experienced the world over go away.  Believe it or not (and for better or for worse), there is a strong element of real love in this relationship.  Most relationships that suffer lows like this one have no chance of rejoining once a clean break is made.  The fact they are back together after such awful events insists in this case that there is a strong emotional bond.  Pretenses can only be taken so far.  In short, the love is real.  But this does not mean by in itself that this relationship is feasible or sustainable in the long term.  These two individuals have a sharp edge to them, however Chris is more prone to outbursts than Rihanna.  Rihanna tends to be more verbally caustic than physically aggressive.  Even when her emotions takes her to places she rather not be, Rihanna tends to have more control over her emotions and actions, while Chris can lose control more easily and has a difficult time stopping himself once he gets going.  Amazingly, Rihanna is an individualistic and energetic girl with a certain serenity that allows her to act right in most cases.  Despite her bad girl act, doing the “right thing” comes easily to her when she needs or wants it.  This is a reason why she is so popular and is able to be more above-board, pleasing, and forgiving than most people could be.  As a whole, people naturally accept, admire, and respect Rihanna despite her shortcomings, and this is a key area where Chris struggles in.  In many ways, these two are polar opposites, and this is no doubt part of the intense attraction they both feel.  They are a dynamo to each other that can really spark them to excitements they can’t otherwise have with most other people.  They both feel they complement each other, but this comes at a very high cost.

Chris is a man of complex emotions who has not yet fully learned how to deal with an incredibly difficult life experience that could leave almost anyone broken.  As per the rules of Imin, people that react in unpredictable, surprising, and explosive ways tend to struggle with controlling their reactions, let alone their emotions, and tend to cause and attract situations that perpetuate such behavior.  If Chris hasn’t attended an anger management course, he should definitely give it a try.  This may not be his thing, and he may or may not be in denial, but he definitely needs some sort of guidance, because as much as he doesn’t want it, provocations, anger, and explosive situations will not disappear from his life.  The intelligent thing here is to embrace this difficult truth instead of trying deny, ignore, or run away from it, and plan and act accordingly.  I expect to continue to read and hear about strong outbursts by him and against him for a long time to come.  These episodes will not happen daily, but expect to continue to hear about explosive manifestations in his life from time to time.  The reason for this is that since he was a child, he has been the victim and witness of intense conflict and violence.  He apparently hasn’t had a parent figure stable enough to teach him about these things and how to deal with them, and this lack of guidance is very apparent in his adult life.  When unprovoked, there is something noteworthy about Chris.  His close friendships and acquaintances seem to have lasted a while, and except for outsiders and people that don’t like him, there is an element of strong mutual loyalty toward many of those that know him personally.  In fact, successfully attempting a restart with Rihanna is somewhat impressive given his history.  The intense and off-putting strife in his life belies a certain matureness he exhibits in other parts of his life and career.  He should feel very lucky to be with a high-minded and caring girl like Rihanna.  Unlike what many think of him, he is not an automatic brute or a sociopath.  But he needs to learn more on, and accept his afflicted and intense relationship with strife, anger, and violence.  Even if it is a good start, an anger management course will not likely end all his problems, as he still needs to understand that provocations and disappointment are a permanent part of his life and his actions are a large part of this.  Part of him wants to change, but a part of him will not let him.  A very intense session of planning and a specific prescribed approach to life is required for him to deal with the inevitability of his turbulent life and truly turn things around so that he can control his life instead of his life controlling him.  Unfortunately, his new attempt at a relationship with Rihanna is not the end of his problems in this regard.

The dynamics of Imin Enmity are extremely high in this relationship.  It is not inappropriate to say that this relationship is “afflicted”.  Every time there is an episode of domestic violence it should not be ignored or dismissed.  There are powerful psychological forces at work and my official stance is that their severe problems are implicitly intransigent to the point that they cannot be avoided in the long term.  When physical combat has been experienced, often it is best not to continue to pursue a relationship, because BOTH partners are contributing to the issue far beyond their control (much more than they can imagine).  Abuses of all kinds, whether verbal, emotional, or physical are unavoidable here regardless of how much they love each other, and these attacks may be initiated by either Rihanna or Chris at any time.  Chris is not the type of person that can be in a relationship where he can be provoked to lose his temper, and this relationship will not help him with this in the long term.  Frustrations, deception, undermining actions, spontaneous enmity, and explosive outcomes loom large in this relationship.  If adventure and a wild affair is what is desired, then this union will fit the bill, but no attempts should be made to turn the relationship or each other into something they are not as this will lead to certain disaster.  Both must allow each other to do whatever they want without interference, but this advice will prove almost impossible to execute and this will be the key to their eventual breakup.

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