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Greetings.  I hope all is well in your world.  In the last few months I have held conversations with parents of different walks of life.  It has been an enlightening time for me.  From people well known to me to the casual stranger, it is amazing how often parents struggle with the psychological permutations of parenting.   I’ve had time to visualize, develop, and learn quite a bit on applying the principles of Imin to help people be more effective (and less suffering) parents.  Parenting can be a very rewarding but challenging experience.  Some parents seem to be “luckier” than others with apparently smoother parenting  experiences.  Most did talk about some concerns and problems they are having.  I strongly believe that knowledge and application of Imin is at least an important key to the future of effective parenting.

The new e-book on Imin and it’s critical role in relationships is coming along quite well.  I delayed the release of the book due to a number of reasons.  First of all there is a formatting decision yet to be made.   Due to security, product integrity and other concerns it was suggested to me that I create a format compatible with Kindle or other e-Readers.  Perhaps I’ll make the book available in both it’s current independent format and an e-Reader version.  The decision is a work in progress and will be concluded once an exhaustive study on all available book media is completed.

The new edition of the book is very different from the original, and it’s release has been delayed because developing a new edition presents me with the unique opportunity to add new information, perform new research, and make changes consistent with the insights and wishes of original readers.

One critical addition is on the topic of parenting.  This is a topic I have been aware of for a long time, but been reluctant to develop and write about, because my specialty is long-term relationships of the love and commitment variety.  Imin applies to all interactions amongst people, whether we refer to friends, family, co-workers or strangers.  Committed relationships and parenting are perhaps the most important topics as applied to Imin, but for very specific reasons I have had my reservations and general reluctance to deal with the topic of parenting.  When you read the new edition of the book  you’ll learn the surprising reasons why!   There are a few reasons why parenting is an incredibly tricky subject, and the  dynamics of Imin as manifested in children is a major part of that.  To be honest, even as counter intuitive as it may seem, adults are in general more complex than children, but the topic of Imin is much less difficult to tackle in adult situations.  With children the issue is more complex and must with dealt with a certain degree of care.  Because no other people in the world currently deal with Implicitly Intransigent psychology like we do here at HSS, it falls upon me to deal with the topic of Imin in parenting.  Despite their best efforts parents sometimes struggle or fail to help set their children upon the right path or instill good habits and responsibility.  All parents  I have spoken to seem to want their children to be happy and successful.  This topic is not easy, but to those looking for a powerful and original approach to parenting, all efforts will be made in the new edition to bring this topic to the front and center in a deeply meaningful and helpful manner.

There is so much more work to be done.  I will post more updates and relationship profiles as soon as possible.  Thank you for your readership.

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