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The Perils of Emotional Strife… Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Explosive.  Passionate. Idealistic.  Unpredictable.  These are some of the many key words that help describe this dynamic union.  Few relationships (including those of celebrities) can conjure up the incredible energy that these two great people are able to harness.  I have been watching these two for quite a while, but I couldn’t help it.  I had to hold my peace.  Until now.  After all, there has been a break-up followed by a reunion.  And a surprising marriage proposal with full engagement.   So what am I going to do with these two?  Read on if you dare!

It is almost impossible to imagine these two being bored with each other.  A long period of observation makes it clear that the “WOW” factor is high in this relationship.  Their intelligence both as a couple and as individuals is really something to be admired.  They are both strong and opinionated communicators with surplus energy and resources to chase after anything that catches their eyes, minds, and hearts.  Indulgences and excesses could easily be a source of trouble for these two if they are not careful.  Unlike many couples, passion is a driving force that not only engulfs their intimate and sex life, but also all other joint activities whether serious business or just play.

Many people may or may not know this, but Jessica (for one) is a very strong woman.  A powerhouse, she can be quite formidable mentally and physically.  This is the kind of person you would prefer in your foxhole in an all out trench war.  Passion, strength, determination, industriousness, smarts, and drive are natural to her and are integral to her persona.  This leads us to her love life, and why it has been so difficult for her throughout her life.  Jessica’s strong disposition and independence can be a challenge for any man not secure enough in his own skin to hold his own in a relationship with such a powerhouse of a woman.  I think Jessica has had to learn how to take it easy with the men in her life and she has probably had a number of clashes with members of both sexes.  Despite family and acquaintances, she has probably felt lonely, lacking in love, and hard-understood at different stages of her life.  She has a difficult time seeing things clearly sometimes because of her inherent idealism, and this coupled with her strong emotional disposition have lead her to disappointment in the past.  She should be more realistic about Justin, and allow herself and Justin a higher than average degree of freedom and forgiveness, or the relationship will appear too difficult, too angry, and too unstable to maintain.  The dynamics of Imin enmity are strong in this relationship, and Jessica is more likely than Justin to feel the brunt of it.   Justin is secure and “smooth” enough to be with a strong and dedicated woman like Jessica.  That passion and devotion is among the things Justin craves in Jessica, whilst Jessica loves (among other things) Justin’s cool disposition and self-security that allows her to be her strong passionate self in his presence.

Justin is the quintessential “smooth guy”.  For those wondering if it is just an act, the truth is that it is not!  Justin was very fortunate to have been born with the ability to keep things cool and collected despite any underlying difficulties.  But his image belies an intense (and perhaps even playfully devious) passion in the realm of sex and  love.  His love life has been quite enriching and varied, but has lacked stability due to Justin’s inability to ease up on his love partners.  Passion and intensity are helpful, but Justin needs to learn how to harness this while not turning his love relationships into matters of life and death or ultimatums of love.  He needs to learn how to be more forgiving and trusting and give his partners more sentimental generosity and overall freedom.  By what I have seen thus far, jealousy has been a problem in at least some of his previous relationships.  I seriously doubt that many of his ex-partners have felt secure with him and secure of his love.  If he doesn’t watch his actions, Jessica will feel that their relationship is full of instability and strife.  My advice is simply this… “Justin, GO EASY”.  This I know is going to be a big challenge because a lot of these things are relative perception.  Justin should give Jessica ample benefits of the doubt, and know that anger (or even the perception of anger) can create a devastating chain of events that can cause irritation and damage. He should not be defiant and distant when there is trouble.  Justin needs to reassure Jessica of his love for her whenever there is discord instead of making her feel insecure.

Every couple and every individual have a “fighting style”.  Justin mostly responds to strife by acting coldly and defiantly, striking at the emotional nerve center of the relationship.  This leads to feelings of insecurity that is often very damaging, especially to women.  However, Jessica has a strong will, and unfortunately she also has the ability to act belligerently and coldly, building a stonewall that can weaken and destroy any relationship.  When two people such as this come together, there is a danger that at some point they will act as if they really don’t care if the relationship comes to an end.  Compromise will not be easy.  Unfortunately, this relationship will be emotionally difficult and intense anger will not be avoided as per the rules of Imin.  This is truly a hard case and I can’t see this relationship enduring happily in the long term.  In the case of couples such as this, I would need to talk to both partners to provide them with better understanding on what is taking place, and what preemptive or corrective actions are possible in order to save their marriage.

I am still working on expanding my e-book on Implicit Intransigence (while working on other equally important projects),  and it will take more time to complete.  Thank you for your readership and support.

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