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Greetings to all.  It is an exciting time for me and HSS.  A new edition of the E-book on Implicit Intransigence is currently in the works.  The main addition to this new version is an all-encompassing “Relationships Guide”, which is an easy to read section that integrates highly-practical steps and action points that everyone should take when approaching any potential or current relationship.  The guide does not require in-depth or scholastic understanding of Imin, and it provides real-life guidance consistent with the powerful inner workings of relationships.  Real knowledge is provided pertaining to the practical truths of effective communication in relationships, positive interactions, understanding and handling of differences, self-assessments, partner assessments, and all critical aspects of creating success in relationships.  Whether a professional, counselor, or a casual reader, all will benefit enormously from this new edition.

To those who have purchased the e-book, there is no need to worry!  All who have purchased the e-book in the past are entitled to the new edition free of charge.  An announcement will be made when the final release date is made official.

The Humphries-Kardashian divorce has brought some attention to this website and it has received messages and increased traffic.  This blog is mostly about analyzing relationships of public interest and predicting issues affecting such relationships, not timing breakups.  I am sure that many readers understand that many highly afflicted relationships can last many decades.  The longevity of relationships depends on many factors, but the presence of challenges is often undeniable and permanent, regardless of how long a relationship lasts.  So please don’t judge this blog solely on the duration of relationships that are written about here.  Yes, this blog was the first to predict severe challenges affecting this ill-fated union, since the post was released immediately after the marriage took place.  But there was no mention of its surprisingly short duration, even though there was a general sense that this would be an especially difficult union, and this was one of the main reasons the post was written in the first place.

I’m aware there has been an extended respite from this blog, and I apologize to all readers.  My life, both personally and professionally, is in a state of flux, and I’m looking forward to the future with excitement.  There has been some reorientation and adjustments for me, but there is still much ground to cover, and new useful projects to pursue.  One of the most important projects here at HSS is a new dating website solely based on the principles of Imin to help create high level relationships.  I’ll continue making posts on this blog keeping everyone abreast of any critical and exciting developments in the world of relationships.  Please bear with me and thank you for your valuable sponsorship and readership.

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