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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez… When Puppy Love Goes Wrong…

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Justin and Selena are two young and very talented people… in a very challenging relationship.  In my years of profiling couples I’ve seen some very difficult cases, where the powers and effects of Imin are easy to identify and breakups are easy to predict.  I believe this relationship is yet another victim of the incredible powers of afflicted Imin.  When this relationship breaks up (and it will), I am  not sure if there will be a high level of shock throughout the world or not, but I can certainly hope that it is a learning experience for the both of them.

This strong and compulsive attraction is obviously physical, but there is also hidden dimensions to this relationship.  Both of them have found something compelling and ideal in each other.  These two charismatic and strong-minded individuals enjoy a high degree of excitement of the mental and emotional variety.  The way the relationship is conducted makes it obvious that both of them feel that they are almost perfect for each other in certain regards.  They communicate deeply and well and they feel an incredibly deep connection, friendly compatibility, and admiration.  They are extremely dynamic as all their joint activities show and they both goad each other in every aspect of their lives making this a very fun and active relationship.  If they both weren’t in showbiz I would probably give them  a better chance to succeed as a couple.

Let me provide everyone with an accurate inside look of the perils of afflicted puppy attractions.  Two of the biggest reasons behind troubled relationships are Imin Enmity and Imin Entrenchment.  Unfortunately I have identified both challenges within the dynamics of this relationship,  and they both will manifest themselves in the worst of ways.  Unfortunately, when Justin and Selena are together the willful dimensions of their character will often come forth and will be impossible to control in the long term.  Justin and Selena will eventually find that this is a feisty and compulsive relationship full of goading and competitiveness.  Imin enmity will take control of this relationship and it will lead to heated battles within (and without) the relationship.  Their impulses are not always in tune and this will weaken the mental and emotional affinities they have.  Relationships often have multiple dimensions, and there is usually a delicate balance between instincts and impulses on one side, and mental or emotional states on the other.  This relationship will find an oft violent contrast between these two differing areas and that is why hurt feelings and negative detrimental or destructive actions will take place.  Despite the love they feel, they will not be able to reconcile their impulses, actions, and lifestyle to maintain their relationship in the long term.  Jealousy and control attempts are usually the result in relationships such as this.  It will be impossible for these two to feel secure in this relationship in the long term and the resulting insecurities and instability will lead to stubbornness, frustration, and fighting.  If this relationship deepens significally before the breaking point, Justin and Selena must be very wary of physical battle and battery.  When the inevitable happens it is best to part ways as amicably as possible.

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