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Implicit Intransigence and the New Relationships Revolution

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Welcome to our blog dedicated to relationships and the implicitly intransigent factors that affects them.

The new e-book on Implicit Intransigence, or Imin (pronounced ‘eye-min), presents a novel and revolutionary way of understanding relationships.  The truth is that most relationships are essentially doomed from the time they start.  This e-book will explain exactly what is taking place and is a vehicle of self-help, enlightenment, and understanding that will teach the reader what to look for and how to deal with the different manifestations affecting all relationships.  It provides deep answers to the question… why roughly 50% of marriages in the civilized world end up in divorce?  The answers may seem obvious to some, but are they?  Many will be surprised when they see the powerful psychological and personal forces actually behind most relationship challenges.  If everyone in the world owned this e-book and heeded the lessons contained within, divorce and breakup rates wouldn’t be anywhere near the current levels; furthermore, many of the losses and misery that come from relationship difficulties and failures could be averted just because everyone would be far more aware of what is really taking place within the dynamics of their relationships.

Some of the proceeds from this e-book will help us here at HSS to also introduce to the world a free high-level matchmaking service that can allow people to form imin-effective relationships that will eliminate many of the problems people face in their coupled lives, and allow new imin-based research to flourish in other areas such as counseling, education, world peace, and many others.  Your support in this important endeavor is critical and greatly appreciated.  The world is changing and we invite you to join us in making the state of relationships more rewarding and less difficult for as many people as possible in the present and in the future.

Please click here to learn more and acquire the e-book


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